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I’ve been saving this one for some late season hype, yes I said late season, yes it is still ski season people.  I could spend all day writing about how rad the Chic Choc mountains are or Could just share a ton of photos with very little words and let those speak for this incredible place. Yeah, lets go with option number two.

The Air BnB only 15 minutes from the nearest trailhead was super rad!

Got our bearings and had a “easy” first day on Champ De Mars and the second day moved to Lyall where the lines were steep and the snow was deep.  Or at least deeper than the snow we normally get in the presidentials.

The Air BnB also allowed for night sessions after long days of touring for quick booter laps!

As Well as the great avalanche shovel race of 2019

Mount Hogsback

The camera spent a lot of time in the bag given how deep the snow was on  Sterling Peak

Back to Hogsback for round 2 on the North Couloir 

Here have a video of us party skiing on Mont Sterling

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